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>Can somebody tell me how it is that the image the eye sees gets
>to the visual part of the brain?  I know that it travels along
>the optic nerve, and I know that the rods and cones emit electrical
>pulses, but what kind of pattern is it?

Any current text in Sensation and Perception will have what you want. Here
is a reference.

Ward, Lawrence M.       Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers.
                        San Diego New York Chicago

Everything you need to know is in chapter 4.    

>Does anybody even know, or is that just one thing nobody's figured
>out yet?

In many respects one could say that it has been figured out. Scientists
are always building on their previous theories though. I expect
spatial frequency analysis is something that will be studied for many
more years to come. Nothing is ever really "figured out" when it comes
to understanding the brain. Everytime a new insight is found another 
question is added. Science is funny that way! ;)

>I read once that the brain responds not to an image but to the Fourrier
>transform of the image.  I know what a FT is, but I've never managed
>to figure out just what that meant.  (And I'm not sure that this particular
>book is a good source for that kind of information.)

>If anybody knows, I would really appreciate an answer via e-mail.


Check out the text I cited above.

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