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In article <25a53i$349 at rhino.cis.vutbr.cz> tgrove at psycho.fme.vutbr.cz (Tom Grove) writes:
>	I faintly remember  reading (or being told) that some variety of
>sea slug has only sixteen (or similar small number) of neurons. I'm
>interested in building a semi-realistic simulation of a simple animal
>(ala Dr Beer) and this (mythic?) beast would seem suitable. Does anyone
>have any information about sea slug nervous systems? References?
>Also, I know damn all  about "real" brains (as opposed to artificial neural
>networks, etc) so does anyone know a good introductory book? ideally, it
>would be called something like "What every AI programmer should know about
>the nervous system" - AI needs a book like this - but I suspect it doesn't
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Try some of these:

Shepard, Gordon M., The Synaptic Organization of the Brain
Bullock, Theodore H. et al. Introduction to Nervous Systems
Zornetzer, Steven F. et al. An Introduction to Neural and Electronic Networks
and of course, the classic textbook,
Kandel, Eric R. et al. Principles of Neural Science (extensive and large).

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