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M. Jane Harper jharper at ITSA.UCSF.EDU
Mon Aug 23 15:20:59 EST 1993

On 23 Aug 1993, Tom Grove wrote:

> Also, I know damn all  about "real" brains (as opposed to artificial neural
> networks, etc) so does anyone know a good introductory book? ideally, it
> would be called something like "What every AI programmer should know about
> the nervous system" - AI needs a book like this - but I suspect it doesn't
> exist.

I remember coming across a book called "Neurons and Networks" .. but I
can't recall the author.  Seems to me he was from Hahvahd or some such
place <grin> .. but it was elementary neuroscience for people interested
in neural networks.

Good luck!

Jane Harper, MS, RN, CCRN
Doctoral Student/Neuroscience Nursing
University of California, San Francisco
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