Sea slugs

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|> Hello,
|> 	I faintly remember  reading (or being told) that some variety of
|> sea slug has only sixteen (or similar small number) of neurons. I'm
|> interested in building a semi-realistic simulation of a simple animal
|> (ala Dr Beer) and this (mythic?) beast would seem suitable. Does anyone
|> have any information about sea slug nervous systems? References?
	I would recommend looking at the the heart tube circuit for the
leech. A number of papers have been published by G. Stent. This circuit
has about a dozen neurons.

|> Also, I know damn all  about "real" brains (as opposed to artificial neural
|> networks, etc) so does anyone know a good introductory book? ideally, it
|> would be called something like "What every AI programmer should know about
|> the nervous system" - AI needs a book like this - but I suspect it doesn't
|> exist.
For a book on biological modeling of neural circuits try
Methods in Neuronal Modeling, eds. Koch and Segev.

Also there are a number of books by McGregor.

David G. Boney
dboney at sparc1.cs.ttu.edu

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