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In article <25af7c$t2g at uniwa.uwa.edu.au> aboyt at tartarus.uwa.edu.au (Adam Boyt) writes:
>I am currently doing some research on the processing of musical
>information by the brain.
>Does anyone know of any articles, essays, or books on the processing of
>musical information (preferably from a neuroanatomical rather than
>psychological viewpoint)?  

I am posting rather than replying directly in hopes of generating
some discussion about the topic of the neurophysiology of music perception.

I'd recommend that you look at

        AUTHOR = {Clynes, Manfred},
        TITLE = {Music, Mind and Brain: the Neuropsychology of Music},
        PUBLISHER = {Plenum Press},
        ADDRESS = {New York},
        YEAR = {1982}

and an interesting, but sometimes speculative, recent volume:

        AUTHOR = {Wallin, Nils Lennart},
        TITLE = {Biomusicology : neurophysiological, neuropsychological, and evo
lutionary perspectives on the origins and purposes of music},
        PUBLISHER = {Pendragon Press},
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You should probably take a look at

        AUTHOR = {Basar, E. and Basar--Eroglu, C. and Rahn, E. and Schurmann, M.
        TITLE = {Sensory and cognitive components of brain resonance responses:
an analysis of responsiveness in human and cat brain upon visual and auditory--s
        JOURNAL = {Acta Oto--Laryngologica (Supplement)},
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        AUTHOR = {Bogen, J. E. and Gordon, H. W.},
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        AUTHOR = {Borchgrevink, Hans M.},
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        BOOKTITLE = {Music, Mind and Brain},
        EDITOR = {Clynes, Manfred},
        PUBLISHER = {Plenum},
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and although this doesn't directly apply to music perception, I think
that you should take a clue from:

        AUTHOR = {Engel, A. K. and K\"{o}nig, P. and Singer, W.},
        TITLE = {Direct physiological evidence for scene segmentation by tempora
l coding},
        JOURNAL = {Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United
 States of America},
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        AUTHOR = {Gray, C. M. and K\"{o}nig, P. and Engel, A. K. and Singer, W.}
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nar synchronization which reflects global stimulus properties},
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binaural interaction of noise signals},
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        AUTHOR = {Kaufman, L. and Curtis, S. and Wang, J. Z. and Williamson, S.
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        AUTHOR = {Llin\'{a}s, R and Ribary, U.},
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        PUBLISHER = {Birkhauser},
        ADDRESS = {Boston},
        YEAR = {1992}


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