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>While the lobster has several hundred thousand neurons, the stomatogastric
>ganglion has only 16 neurons.  This is a very useful and well
>studied/modeled system.  See work by Nussbaum and also Silversten(?).
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You definitely want to look up all the work on stomatogastric ganglion.  Alot
of the circuit bashing there took place in the '70's and early '80's.  Authors
to look up would be Allen Selverston, John Miller, Eve Marder, and Daniel
Hartline, to name a few (note the spelling errors of the above posting).  More
recent work (published in the late '80's and currently) on modulation of the
central pattern generator comes from Michael Nusbaum and Eve Marder.  My
apologies to all the other stomatogastric ganglion people I left out...these
are just people I am proud to know from my UCSD days.

Rae Nishi
Portland OR 

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