John M. Price ez001932 at ALCOR.UCDAVIS.EDU
Thu Aug 26 20:36:40 EST 1993

Lots of stuff on grounded humans and avoiding their being fried was
All of this is good info, but the best I've seen to date is a small,
battery operated front end amp (9v Transistor battery) running an
infrared optical isolation unit.  The other end of the OIU is then
connected to the next stage of amplification or filtering, then to
the DA equipment.
Regarding the DA equipment, you might try Modular Instruments, Inc.
This firm is very supportive, has all sorts of ranges of equipment,
from a small rack mounted stuff, to full size jobs for medical and
general physiological recording.  I would call them at
   215-640-9292.  Ask for Walt Mullikan, the software VP there,
who can describe the flexibility of their analytic software.
Mention John Price @ UCDavis thru this net, and tell him I said
hi, and had high regards for their systems.

BTW, the optical isolation unit was lab built, and I suspect any 
decent electrical engineering senior could put one together.

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