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Jeffrey Silverstein jeffrey.silverstein at execnet.com
Mon Aug 30 11:58:00 EST 1993

>: I was wondering whether anyone knows the truth about truth serum?
>: Sodium pentothal I think. Does it work, and if so how?
Sodium pentothal is the most commonly used induction agent for general
anesthesia.  It acts, supposedly, at the barbiturate site of the GABA-A
chloride channel super complex, which is the primary inhibitory
neurotransmitter channel in brain.  At a dosage which does not cause
sleep, or rather unconciousness, disinhibition does occur.  I am not an
expert on disinhibitory phenomena, but if you are interested, you might
check into another drug called propofol (diisopropylphenol) which seems
to have a similar if not greater effect.
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