Habituation and Conditioning

Harry Erwin erwin at trwacs.fp.trw.com
Wed Dec 1 14:39:53 EST 1993

'At last a working hypothesis'

There is a report in the 19 November Science about work done by Sakire
Pogun and Michael Kuhar on NO as an excitotoxin (262:1211-1212).
Apparently it is released on the post-synaptic side in response to
glutamate stimulation of the NMDA receptor and feeds back to boost
glutamate release on the presynaptic side. Here's a candidate mechanism
to counteract habituation during conditioning. If the post-synaptic side
isn't excited, no NO, and habituation ensues (probably best modelled as
an exponential decay in the strength of the synapse as a function of the
number of firings during the short term). If the post-synaptic side is
excited, we get Hebbian learning. (What about serotonergic interneurons
and sensitization?) I think I've got enough now to dynamically model
training in KIII networks.

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