Is uploading feasible?

Lenny Gray lenngray at netcom.com
Sat Dec 4 05:17:15 EST 1993

Peter Alexander Merel (pete at extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU) wrote:

: Is it feasible to simulate a human neuron as a finite state automaton,
: or are there some sorts of analog/quantum processes at work in a neuron's 
: metabolism that cannot be effectively implemented in a digital machine?

Analog, yes.  And, of course, everything is ultimately a quantum process,
but neither of these need to be a problem.

: What we do know makes a neuron sound like a finite state machine,

The firing may be boolean, but the threshold sensing with its analog
accumulation bring it beyond "finite".  Again, no problem.

But, you're actually talking about a _lot_ of hardware to do an accurate
simulation for uploading.  _Really_ a lot.  Not no $20/month for at least
75-100 years, even at current price/performance progress.

- Lenny -

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