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Fri Dec 3 09:20:37 EST 1993

Hi!  For upcomong general-audience book on handwritng teaching & improvement,
am looking to read some refernces on neuropsychology of handwriting &
neuroppsych of handedness.  What wd you suggest?  Also trying to track down
(inn Russ or Eng) antyhing by A.R.Luria that might have contained comments. I
waht to see if research gives clues as to the sutiability or otherwise of
various details in our  instructional methods, e.g., re letterform details,
pen/pencil hold recommendations (wd like to hear re Jerre Levy & her
detractors, too) degree of joining that works/best (we have now zero % & 100 %
only ... could we accept/encourage otpions/ranges in-between), characteristics
of legible handwriters who deviate from school models in substantial ways,
possibility that students are confused or otherwise harmed by our
printested in extant/proposed alternative styles.
interes	Seeking specially persons familiar w/extant or proposed (in USA or
abroad)_ alternatives to print -then-dscript ... for instance, some countries
use an italic style, which contains elements of both (looks much like an
italic typeface; letters sometimes (not alwoays0 may join -- this is done,
since late 1970's in Sweden, since around same time in glasgow (Scotland),
since around late '70s - early 80s in Portland (Oregon), sonce 1983 in ICeland
---  wd this affect neuropsych work studying handwriting?)
	Also specially interested in dysgraphic writers, adult new literates,
& post-stroke retraining of stroke/brain-injury survivors, as well as writiing
of dyslexic & hyperactives/ADD.  I am a dysgraphic ADD person who eventually
(age 24,; I'm now 30) did write very well, very fast (MUCH better than
typing!) after learning ita;lic method.  VERY SPECVIAL INTEREST:
Creating/refining writing letterforms & techniques which will maximize
transfer of training from unjoined toi joinable writing & which will remain
legible at increasing speed better than standarde print or, definitely,
cursive-script forms now general.

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kate at dorsai.dorsai.org

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