HELP: data format in Cadwell EEG machine

Bill Morrow morrow at cns.ucalgary.ca
Mon Dec 6 13:06:01 EST 1993

This is a long shot, but:
I'm collaborating with a neurologist who is using his Cadwell
Spectrum 32 EEG machine to record two channels of EEG, one of
eye movement, one ECG and one respiration for up to 2-3 hours
on neonatal babies. We need to transfer the recorded data from
the WORM drive in the Cadwell to our workstation network for
The Cadwell software can dump in a documented binary format to
floppy or hard disk. However, it will only dump 2.5 seconds to
a data file, and dumping each 2.5 second file takes about 5 seconds.
Obviously, this gets a little onerous for 2-3 hours of data. The other option
is to dump the data at 9600 baud through the Cadwell serial port, 
this is no better.
The data are stored on the WORM optical drive in approximately
1 MB chunks, in an undocumented format. I have talked to Cadwell,
they are not eager to describe the data format to me, without
some legal preliminaries.
Has anyone deciphered the format of the data files on the
optical drive?
Thanks for any help.

Bill Morrow    Clinical Neurosciences, University of Calgary
e-mail: morrow at cns.ucalgary.ca voice: (403) 220-6275 fax: (403) 283-8770 
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