Is uploading feasible?

Sandwich Maker adh at rambla.Sun.COM
Mon Dec 6 12:48:01 EST 1993

pete at extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU (Peter Alexander Merel) writes:
"adh at rambla.Sun.COM (Sandwich Maker) writes:
">augmentation's different.  i wouldn't mind trying a few new
">peripherals on the old cpu...
"Ah, but then where will your 'identity' reside? In the whole system, or just
"in the 'original' parts? If it is in the whole system, then would you be 
"satisfied with the slow neuron-by-neuron replacement scheme envisaged by,
"among others, the original poster?

my identity would not include new peripherals any more than it does my
hand, which cannot think.
		although you should be doing something productive
		with your life, you are instead wasting your time
		reading this inane mindless rambling drivel from
		the keyboard of:	Andrew Hay, adh at turbo.east.sun.com

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