Is uploading feasible?

Arioch ST102078 at BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU
Mon Dec 6 16:40:24 EST 1993

>"in the 'original' parts? If it is in the whole system, then would you be
>"satisfied with the slow neuron-by-neuron replacement scheme envisaged by,
>"among others, the original poster?
>my identity would not include new peripherals any more than it does my
>hand, which cannot think.
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    Ah, but your hand *is* part of your identity.  Since it provides sensory
input to the brain (not to mention it being a durn good effector), it is in a
sense an extension of it. If bit by bit you removed effector and sensory portio
ns of yourself, you would eventually be just an unconnected brain. With no inpu
t and no output your are just a dead box.
  Given the studies done on sensory deprivation, I imagine whatever conciousnes
s was left in the CNS would quickly "go insane" and you would lose any sense of
you (ie your identity)
  By the same logic, if you add bits; say something in your eyes that allows yo
u to see beyond the normal visual spectrum, your input changes. Allow the devic
e itself "can not think" it has become part of your identity.

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