Centronuclear myopathy type I (sporadic)

Martin McClean martinm at cs.curtin.edu.au
Sun Dec 5 21:41:05 EST 1993


  We are seeking information and contacts for our research into the above  
  rare genetic neuromuscular disorder.

  Our son has been diagnosed with this genetic disorder and due to it being  
  so rare we are seeking further sources of information  in  the  following  
  areas with the aim of maximising our knowledge, enabling us to educate our 
  son  and his siblings of the nature of his disability.

  It would be extremely helpful if you could provide us with:

  i     Specific medical case studies and prognoses.

  ii    Information regarding other families affected with this  same  
        type  of  disorder.

  iii   Current medical research including:
             Genetic Studies
             Other Resources.

  iv    Genetic studies on this disorder.

  v     Further resources and contacts that  may  guide  us  in  
        our worldwide research.

  Please send any available information to: Julie on -

            Fax Number: (619) 316 3918

        or Address: 5 Renville Way, Lynwood WA 6147, AUSTRALIA.

        or to Martin (email poster)

        by Email:  martinm at cs.curtin.edu.au

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