NYC Psychology BBS

Thomas Patane wzevon at panix.com
Sun Dec 12 11:38:28 EST 1993

Live near NYC?  There is a new special interest Psychology BBS 
catering to the needs of those callers with interests in Psychology, 
Psychiatry & Psychotherapy. The service is provided without fees 
of any kind!

Do DOS users do it better? 

For the pleasure of Windows and MAC users the system has 
recently switched to a Graphical User Interface much like that seen 
on AOL.  Since then - we have been flooded with calls from mute 
MAC heads who just stare at our graphics! Most of our talkative DOS 
users have split. We want you back! If the board does not Catch On 
again with Psychology topics we will resort to the ever popular 
adolescent drivel available everywhere else.      8  )

Call, participate, start a conversation string there and tell your friends 
before I get FLAMED for these multiple Usenet postings!
The number is:   (718) 268-5145
The Board is up 24 Hours!

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