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john j kapetan johnk at merle.acns.nwu.edu
Sat Dec 11 15:37:56 EST 1993

Hi, I am interested in obtaining as much research as I can into neurological 
disturbances, such as ms, md, epilepsy, a host of other neuropathies caused 
by mercury poisoning from silver amalgam, silver filling in the oral cavity 
or through root canal disease and bacterium.  I have spent a great deal of 
time lately, researching the topic.  Several years ago I was diagnosed with 
MS.  None of the tests seemed to fit, except the ones that the doctors (
neurologists) wanted to make fit.  

I know that the ADA's and the AMA's stance is one of disbelief, and 
mistrust, and that there is no danger from these materials, but some of the 
research that I have done, points in the opposite direction.  In fact, that 
there is some correlation between mercury poisoning and neuromuscular 
diseases.  I know that this is not a recent finding (due to the 60 min 
segment on quote-unquote simultaneous-remissions from people with 
neurological diseases finding over-night cures from dental work.  

There was a dentist,  Dr. Weston Price,  at the turn of the century that 
linked many neurological, cardio-pulmonary and a host of other disases (
rheumatoid arthritis etc), to dental caries.  His work was buried under the 
all the paperwork and folly of the time.  It is being done again today with 
the same results.  If there is anyone out there who has any knowledge of 
this, please contact me:

johnk at primal.iems.nwu.edu

Thanks in advance,

John Kapetan
Northwestern University
Industrial Engineering

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