Norm Cook's Topographic Callosal Inhibition?

Noah Somerset Spurrier noah at cats.ucsc.edu
Mon Dec 13 00:48:58 EST 1993

In article <parkCHy60D.B7A at netcom.com> park at netcom.com (Bill Park) writes:
>the same side.  So, the left hemisphere has everything it needs to
>parse what it reads and hears all by itself, except for the ability to
>place information in context and to extract larger meanings.  Cook
>interprets seven of eight characteristics of the "confusional state"
>described by Geschwind (1982) and widely observed in neurological
>clinics as just what one would expect from loss of context in language
>Bill Park

Would you mind posting a brief recap to Geschwind's eight characteristic
confusional states? Do you think what you said could be applied to the
states of confusion various drugs seem to produce on a person? I know that
both alcohol and LSD create profound states of confusion, but they seem to
differ in quality. I wonder if Geschwind's list could help bring out the
contrast in these states of confusion and perhaps provide some clues as
to the orgin of the effects of these and other drugs.

If you do not have the source handy, perhaps you could provide the reference
so I may look it up myself the next time I pass by the U.C.S.F. medical
library. The sources from your previous post consisted entirely of
Oliver Sacks.

	noah at cats.ucsc.edu

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