Norm Cook's Topographic Callosal Inhibition?

John Adams jna at bu.edu
Sat Dec 11 04:59:00 EST 1993

Bill Park (park at netcom.com) wrote:
: I have just enjoyed reading

: Norman D. Cook, _The Brain Code.  Mechanisms of Information Transfer
:         and the Role of the Corpus Callosum_, London and New York,
:         Methuen & Co., ISBN-N-0-416-40840-0 (1986).

: and was quite impressed with Cook's seven-year-old theory.

: 		-------  SUMMARY  -------

: Very briefly, Cook proposed that an important function of the corpus
: callosum is to activate, on the cortex of the right hemisphere, those
: concepts that constitute the "context" of (i.e., the concepts most
: closely-associated with) any concept that is currently activated on
: the left hemisphere.  His explanation posits the presence of several

Does Cook's theory (I'm unfamiliar with it) explain language parsing
in split-brain patients? If not, it seems that split-brain patients 
parsing of language would be incredibly lethargic, when it is not...

: Among other predictions, Cook suggested that his model would help to
: explain the extreme speed and accuracy with which people can
: disambiguate language as they listen to speech or read: The right
(see above)

: 5) Cook never seems to get around to explaining the mechanism by which
: the right hemisphere aids the left.

could it be possible that one hemisphere can take over both jobs?

: The question of the stability of such an iterative process is
: interesting.  So that the reader can investigate it, Cook gives a
: MicroSoft BASIC program to simulate it and even to compute the
: resulting artificial EEG signal produced by the simplified artificial
: brain as it "thinks."  Unfortunately, he doesn't show any results of
: running this program, only refers to some earlier papers.

Can someone type this in and get it to the net?
I'd love to examine it....

: If it doesn't terminate, does that suggest a mechanism for the "monkey
: chatter" of thoughts that Eastern meditation attempts to suppress?

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