Is uploading feasible?

Richard Wilson WilsonR at LILHD.Logica.com
Wed Dec 15 14:31:35 EST 1993

In article <1993Dec14.230227.9576 at news.media.mit.edu> minsky at media.mit.edu (Marvin Minsky) writes:
>In article <CI1E7p.6qG at carmen.logica.co.uk> WilsonR at LILHD.Logica.com (Richard Wilson)  writes:
>>In article <1993Dec13.134805.12597 at clpd.kodak.com> cox at ast.serum.kodak.com (David Cox (15084)) writes:
>>>Perhaps someday we will know that certain patterns of neural activity
>>>are related to consciousness.  In fact, consciousness might then be
>>>defined as those patterns of neural activity.  We can then say that the
>>>hand, leg, or other parts of the anatomy are not conscious because they
>>>do not contain those patterns of activity.
>>>Interestingly, if we can identify those patterns, I see no reason
>>>why they cannot be transfered to other entities such as computers.
>>>Would those entities then be conscious?
>>Sure, if the patterns are computable! IMO conscious neural activity is
>>a non-deterministic form of feedback which FSAs cannot, in principle,
>If you mean nondeterministic in the technical sense normally used in
>FSA theory, then FSAs can indeed handle them. If the original machine
>has N states than the nondeterminstic equivalent may need 2**N states.
>I think this was first shown by Shepherdson.  If you mean
>nondeterministic is some unspecified sense, then your assertion is too
>vague to refute, but you ought to offer something more than IMO.
>Like, say, IMHO?

I mean since when has any FSA the capacity to choose?

BTW: perhaps you could help (I am just being made redundant)?

I'm a UK resident seeking an opportunity offering intellectual challenge.

My 17 year career in the IT profession spans neural network research,
technical, sales and project management roles. My strengths arise from the
successful completion of wide ranging software development projects
including Computer Aided Design (CAD), financial database and flight
management data analysis applications. During my 5 years at Logica, I
have managed several complex, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
(SCADA) system and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) bids in addition
to running projects and performing analysis and design work.

I have structured design and programming expertise in C on UNIX platform;
and 6800 assembler. PC expertise: Microsoft WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint,
Project, MacCadd (Logica's CASE tool), MacProject and Hypercard. Recent
training: Intergraph GIS - MicroStation, FRAMME and MGE/MGA; relational
database technology, Accounting and Finance for Managers (Open University).

I have a BSc - Computers and Cybernetics - from Kent University and an
MSc - Digital Systems - from Brunel. I am a member of the British Computer
Society and a Chartered Engineer.

Non-work interests include AI & cognitive science, travel, women, charity
work, natural history.

Grateful for any leads, have a merry christmas!



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