Mark Bower's post about callosum and lateralized processes

Todd I. Stark stark at dwovax.enet.dec.com
Thu Dec 16 13:16:24 EST 1993

sdaviss at COSY.AB.UMD.EDU (Steven Roy Daviss) writes...
>I don't know what other clinician's experiences have been, but I have
>noticed an interesting relationship between religious delusions of thought
>control in people who have schizophrenia (not sure about psychotic
>depression), and the patient's report about lateralization.
>I can think of maybe 10 or 12 patients who have clearly expressed the idea
>that they have God and the Devil within them, and that God is on one side
>(or controls one side) and the Devil is on the other.  In *every* case, I
>have found that they report God as being on the RIGHT side and the Devil
>as being on the LEFT.  
>I don't know what to make of it, but it certainly lends credit to the
>notion of left being 'sinister'.

Interesting observation.

Were any of them left handed ?  Might it vary with handedness, for either
psychological (God on the 'strong' side) or neurological (God on the
'more verbal' side) reasons ?

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