Is uploading feasible?

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Excerpts from netnews.comp.ai.neural-nets: 16-Dec-93 Re: Is uploading
feasible? Richard Wilson at LILHD.Log (2736)

> An FSA cannot handle choice, not because
> it is finite, but because it's deterministic.

An FSA can appear to choose "freely" or at random, as long as at least
one of its inputs varies at random, or even, if such an input is
lacking, if its inputs and structure are sufficiently complex to defy
prediction from outside without complete knowlege of the structure of
the FSA.  I submit that both of these sufficient conditions hold for
brains, so there is no need to require non-determinism in brains to
explain the appearance of free choice in humans.

Michael  (who cannot himself tell whether he is deterministic or not,
and therefore defies anyone else to determine this from the outside).
(and who has no strong opinion one way or the other on whether
"uploading" is possible)

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