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>BTW: perhaps you could help (I am just being made redundant)?
>I'm a UK resident seeking an opportunity offering intellectual challenge.
>My 17 year career in the IT profession spans neural network research,

If you don't mind working in New York City or Chicago, there have been
many job postings from those cities for "rocket scientists" --
financial analysts who know how to apply trendy methods such as chaos
theory, expert systems, genetic algorithms, virtual reality, database
mining, and --yes!-- even neural networks to all manner of investing

Bear in mind that the brokerages, banks, and investment firms who hire
such people are as likely to pay top dollar for advice from an
astrologer as from a neural network expert.  Or even to combine their
advice.  If a technique seems to work, they don't care about its
credibility.  Candlestick charts.  Kondratief waves.  Read
misc.invest.technical for some eye-opening insights into human nature.

To get a feeling for the level of madness in this industry, read these ...

1. 92-52612: Schwager, Jack D., 1948-  The new market wizards : conversations
     with America's top traders /  1st ed.  New York : HarperBusiness, c1992.
     xiii, 493 p.  24 cm.
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2. 89-46228:   Market wizards : interviews with top traders /  New York :
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3. 89-32614: Schwager, Jack D., 1948-  Market wizards : interviews with top
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     458 p. ; 24 cm.
     LC CALL NUMBER: HG4621 .S28 1989

These citations were obtained from the U.S. Library of Congress
on-line catalog via the Unix command ...

	telnet locis.loc.gov

For a description of a quintessential "quant," who thinks like you and
me rather than a tea-leaf reader, just read the story about Ed Seykota
in Schwager's 1989 book.  In fact, it would be interesting to know what
he's doing now.

I don't know what Usenet newsgroups are avaiable to you in the
U.K. that might carry listings for jobs in the U.S., but at my site
(netcom.com) we get, for example, ...

aus.jobs		... Australia
ba.jobs.contract	... San Francisco Bay Area
can.jobs		... Canada
su.jobs			... Stanford University
ucb.jobs		... University of California at Berkeley
uk.jobs.d		... Unemployed Kingdom
us.jobs.contract	... Untied States

Don't freeze in the AI Winter.

Bill Park
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