Evoked potential alpha interference

Lewis J Herberg skgtljh at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Dec 16 20:30:29 EST 1993

mdspre at vmsa.technion.ac.il (Elliot Sprecher) writes:

>... As the alpha survives EP averaging, we were under
>the impression we were seeing "alpha-locking" (any references, anyone?
>Or is this electrophysiology's deep, dark secret?), except that the alpha is

>Elliot Sprecher, Ph.D.
>Experimental Psychologist, Research Coordinator
>Institute of Clinical Neurophysiology
>Rambam Medical Center
>Haifa, Israel

See JAV Bates (1951) J Physiol 113: 240-57 (for motor
correlations). Several other (old) references are
listed in Lansing RW (1957) EEG Clin Neurophysiol
9:497-504. There is probably lots of more recent stuff.

Jack Herberg (L.Herberg at ucl.ac.uk)

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