Ideas on neurosci+genetics?

A J Spencer bs2ajs at midge.bath.ac.uk
Tue Dec 21 09:18:09 EST 1993

   I'm preparing a project/short dissertation of sorts on "genetic analysis
of a nervous system".

   What I'm particularly interested in is the use of classical genetics
to gain insights into nervous system functioning. For example, the
identification of "unc" mutants in _Coenorhabditis elegans_ followed by
analysis of the genes involved.
   If anyone can offer any refences for work on mutations affecting the
mammalian NS, i.e. analysis of the gene responsible and its function in
wild-type, I would be almost pathetically grateful. Especially if it
involves human genetic diseases of the NS. (I can't find any references,
and it's not for want of looking.)

   More generally (and more importantly) I'm looking for thoughts and
ideas on current and future ways of using genetics/molecular biology
in the neurosciences. I'm not looking for answers (I don't expect anyone
to spend their time doing my work for me), but rather for pointers,
clues towards a philosophical/intellectual frame within which to work.

   Any thoughts, however distantly connected to this topic, would be
very welcome. If anyone else is interested (unlikely?), mail me. If
there's enough interest I'll mail a summary of what people had to say.
Personally I think the topic is very interesting, but perhaps everyone
else who's interested already knows the answers.

   If you do help, thanks very much for your time,
if not, I apologise for wasting it.


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