Is uploading feasible?

Richard Wilson WilsonR at LILHD.Logica.com
Wed Dec 22 10:50:58 EST 1993

In article <pete.755917384 at extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU> pete at extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU (Peter Alexander Merel) writes:
>WilsonR at LILHD.Logica.com (Richard Wilson)  writes:
>>>Would those entities then be conscious?
>>Sure, if the patterns are computable! IMO conscious neural activity is
>>a non-deterministic form of feedback which FSAs cannot, in principle,
>A very interesting conjecture. Is this simply your intuition, or can you
>point at some empirical result that supports your opinion? Note that Penrose's

The fact of choice is experiential evidence: of course we don't know
yet how reliable that evidence is. That there is no adequate model of
choice points to either choice being an illusion or to the limitations of
our current thinking. If, as I believe, choice is a real phenomenon then
it cannot, in principle, be modelled by an FSA.

>suggestions in 'The Emperor's New Mind' have already been refuted in the
>course of this thread.

As I understand his position, he is saying that some human qualities are
non-computable and these require new, as yet undiscovered, mathematics to
enable us to model them. I know of no evidence which refutes this position:
there are plenty of contrary claims but where is the evidence?


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