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>I have heard of this therapy (okay, call it what you want). My professor,
>who works at a VA Hospital, said he has not heard of any suppporting
>evidence, but has seen clients who have showed improvement using this
>technique. I do agree research needs to be done, but with someone taking
>    ....
>No I'm not cynical, just disappointed that such an educated group "argues"
>so darned much!

You sure are naive about the academic world!  I guess outsiders often
really do have some illusion that education should make people more
reasonable and generally help them become nicer people.  It's a good
thing you've never experienced a faculty meeting!  

My friend, academics are *trained* to argue.  It's a part of the job

I've been disappointed that so far nobody has posted any actual
information about the EDMR therapy.   But I have been through these
arguments many times about NLP techniques and although *you* may not be
cynical, after years of hearing these arguments it's hard for me to 
see the sort of remarks you're responding to as anything other than 
mere trade unionism.  

In particular, the NLP Fast Phobia/Trauma Cure is a fifteen minute
accelerated form of desensitization which is claimed to, among other 
things, neutralize traumatic memories.  And when I hear therapists saying
that it would be unethical to take fifteen minutes to try this out with a
client before proceeding on to some more lengthy (and much less
effective!) therapeutic approach... that it would be unscientific for them
to actually try the technique out (the way students in NLP seminars do)
instead doing some lengthy and very expensive study... and that it would
be unreasonable to expect *them* to do such studies since they are too
busy being scientific to have time for such things ("Why should I put
my effort into proving your theory?")....

It's hard then to avoid the conclusion that they simply simply feel
threatened by techniques like this.  After all, if you can spend a single
session with a rape victim or someone who has a memory of an incident
of childhood abuse and be so successful that weeks later they will
report  "I still know what happened, but it's as if I'd read it in a
book"  (as one person I worked with later reported to me),  then you'd 
be constantly having to find new clients.   It's hard for me not to
think that therapists just don't *want* to be that successful.

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