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>jenni at cac.washington.edu (Jennifer Taub) writes:
>> Does anyone know about EDMR? I think it stands for Eye Desensitization, 
>> Movement and Reprogramming, or something like that.  I read about it in 
>> the Family Therapy Networker - seems a bit like NLP - very interesting.  
>> There seem to be tremndous applications to trauma victims.  Does anyone 
>> know more about it, or its links to NLP?
>EDMR is one of those fad therapies that come along and become popular
>without a single controlled study to support their use. Those who teach it
>and use it clinically should provide some evidence (not case reports, but 
>evidence) that it is effective.
I have been told off more times than I can count when I post, but here

I have heard of this therapy (okay, call it what you want). My professor,
who works at a VA Hospital, said he has not heard of any suppporting
evidence, but has seen clients who have showed improvement using this
technique. I do agree research needs to be done, but with someone taking
the time to actually ask what it is and how it works don't you think,
that maybe, just maybe, the person is investigating the "therapy" and
not accepting it for fact. There are plenty of budding pyschologists, etc.
out there. And not to be offensive, but if you are so concerned why not
look into the possibility of doing the research yourself? Seems logical,
but as I said I have been accused many times of not knowing what I speak
even when I have a doctor's diagnosis and personal experience and even
research to support me. So take it leave it makes no diff to me.

No I'm not cynical, just disappointed that such an educated group "argues"
so darned much!


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