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I had forwarded a recent request on how to access PsycLIT via internet
to two people with whom I have been working re: the PsycLIT Manuals
on The PSYCGRAD Gopher.  I added a few of my own thoughts on the matter
as well.  Here is the response I received from David DeLuca of PsycLIT.

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----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Dear Dr. Simpson,

Thank you for your message regarding Internet access to APA database
products, specifically, PsycLIT on SilverPlatter. I hope to answer your
questions in this response.

As you may know, APA's electronic database products include PsycINFO,
PsycLIT, and ClinPSYC. Regardless of the vendor through which they are
searched, the data they contain are copyright (c) American Psychological
Association, all rights reserved. Our customers pay for access to these
databases, as they are the property of APA and are not "in the public

As such, there is no legal way for a "typical" Internet user to access
our databases for free. However, many universities lease our databases
and mount them on their campus systems. Under the provisions of their
leases (which vary from site to site,) Internet or other remote access
may be available for the University's user community. In all such cases,
access to the database is password protected and strictly limited to a
defined user community. Many people who ask about Internet access to our
databases already are members of a user community with some type of
remote access. To find out for sure, they should contact a librarian or
computer services authority at their University.

Access to the PsycLIT on SilverPlatter interface may also be available to
some remote users, again, based on the specific lease arrangements at
their University.

As you mentioned, CompuServe provides access to the PsycINFO database via
the Knowledge Index interface. This is the method of access we recommend
for most "end users" of our data, as it is the least expensive access. KI
is somewhat different from the PsycLIT on SilverPlatter interface, but it
is just as easy to learn and use. KI is available to CompuServe
subscribers after 6:00 pm on weekdays, and all day on weekends. The
PsycINFO database is billed at $24 per connect hour, regardless of the
searching or viewing activities undertaken by the user. It is billed as
"clock time," in the same way a long distance phone call is billed, i.e.,
30 minutes costs $12, 15 minutes costs $6, etc.

I do not know if it is possible to connect to CompuServe via Internet
telnet; this question should be directed to their customer service
department. For additional CompuServe information, or to sign up for a
password, call (800) 848-8199. PsycINFO User Services has a booklet,
"Searching PsycINFO on CompuServe Knowledge Index," which we would be
pleased to send, free, to anyone who requests one.

For customers who need daytime access, or who want a more powerful user
interface, I am pleased to report that access to commercial vendors of
the PsycINFO database is available via Internet telnet connection. Telnet
can result in a significant savings of approximately $7 to $10 per hour
off the telecommunications portion of your search bill. Please note,
however, that actual access and use of PsycINFO or any other database(s)
will be billed at the vendor's standard rates.

As with CompuServe, you will first need to establish a password account
with one of the following vendors. Their telnet addresses and 800
telephone numbers are listed below. They will be pleased to provide you
complete information as to their rates and terms:

BRS: telnet brs.com
(800) 289-4277.

Data-Star: telnet rserve.ch.rs
(800) 221-7754

Dialog: telnet dialog.com
(800) 334-2564

OCLC/EPIC: telnet epic.prod.oclc.org
(800) 848-5800

Please let me know if I may be of additional assistance.


David C. DeLuca
Database Support and Design Specialist
APA/PsycINFO User Services
750 First St., NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
(800) 374-2722 or (202) 336-5650

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