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Richard M Dasheiff M.d. dasheiff+ at pitt.edu
Wed Dec 22 15:52:44 EST 1993

I also applaud this effort to place and catalog neuroscience on the net.
An addition to the list is Brainiac, which was demo'ed at the Neurosci.
meeting in Washington D.C. I brrought it down and it ran fine on Win3.1
(required) 486dx66 (optional)
Glen wrote:

Sender: "medmult" <medmult at aol.com>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 93 00:17:56 EST
Subject: Brainiac Demo

  I spoke with you at the Neuroscience Meeting in Wash D.C. and you inquired
about obtaining a demo of the Brainiac neuroanatomy atlas through anonymous

I finally got it loaded up onto the internet at ftp.bio.indiana.edu. It
is currently in the \Incoming directory. If you don't find it there, they may
have moved into the \biology\ibmpc directory. If you have problems accessing
this FTP site let me know. I can give you the addresses of a couple of other
FTP sites where it is located. Feel free to contact me at medmult at aol.com if
you have any other questions.   Glen Frick

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