arthrogryposis multiplex congentia (AMC)

John Q. Mitchell johnm at umbc.edu
Mon Dec 27 22:28:11 EST 1993

[ posting this for a friend: ]

I'm interested in your opinion on the following:
	- laminectomy
	- harrington rods
	- fusion of lower spine (L3-5)

My doctor has recommended all these complicated procedures be done at once!
I am a 25 year old woman with AMC and scoliosis, but I'd like a 2nd (3rd?)
opinion as to whether this is feasible.  I also have a cyst in the lower
part of the back.  Has this been seen in an AMC patient before, or am I
the first?

Thanks!   - Nancie Etzel

[ please reply, I dont read this group often. ]

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