Is uploading desirable?

John Hobbs jmax at panix.com
Wed Dec 29 21:15:54 EST 1993

Just a few issues I'd like to bring up.

1.  Uploading:  If feasible, is it desirable?  Why would someone want to

2.  Is is reasonable to expect to be able to upload an analogue system to
a digital 
system without quantization error and aliasing?

3.  If it is possible to create a neural analogue, how can we expect
identity to 
remain intact when twins who are structurally identical do not have
personalities and identities?

4.  How can we prevent the introduction of chaos due to rounding errors?

5.  Taking all of the above into consideration, would proponents of
accept a machine personality that diverges from the biological personality
due to 
the individual environment differences?

jmax at panix.com

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