Help: Extracellular Unit Recording from CNS

Danny Banks D.Banks at ee.surrey.ac.uk
Fri Dec 31 22:52:18 EST 1993

I would be most grateful if someone could supply me with a good reference on
extracellular single unit recording from the brain, using metal wire

I'm particularly looking for a review covering the shapes and amplitudes of
recorded signals, and the interpretation thereof. I'm not too bothered about
the location of the recordings (cerebral cortex / cerebellar cortex will do),
or the animal model. And I've got plenty (or enuff :) references telling me
how to make the recordings.

Our library (Uni of Surrey) is closed until the 4th Jan, so I can't get to
medline 'til then. I'd like a recommended reference, so as I can head off
to the British Lib and get it asap.

Many thanks.


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