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Esa-Pekka P{lvim{ki eepee at polaris.utu.fi
Mon Jan 4 09:45:58 EST 1993

In article <1992Dec26.013818.8234 at ringer.cs.utsa.edu> senseman at lucy.brainlab.utsa.edu (David M. Senseman) writes:
>Haloperidol is a rather "old" dopamine blocker (=antagonist).
>As I understand it, it doesn't differentiate between D1 and D2
>receptors and in certain systems atleast, it has cross reactivity
>with serotonin. 

We've found (as have many others) that haloperidol has greater affinity for
and ability to block D2 receptors than D1, at least in the striatum. Chronic
haloperidol treatment also up-regulates D2 receptors. Whether the gene express-
ion is increased is yet controversial.

>The reason I'm asking? We recently did some experiments in which
>Haloperidol reduced a rather interesting neuophysiological process
>(maybe you'll read about it in Science?   :-)   Anyway, I would
>appreciate any info on Halperidol that the wizards on bionet.neuroscience
>care to share. 

I wonder what this process is...anyway, an interesting feature of haloperidol
is that it is a very persistent drug in the brain. While plasma concentrations
drop in hours, brain concentrations persist for days.


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