Info request, hippocampus

Ken Easlon ken at iat.holonet.net
Fri Jan 15 21:02:13 EST 1993

A few months ago I saw a TV science program about the brain which had a
brief scene describing an experiment where an electrode was implanted in a
single neuron in the hippocampus of a rat.  Every time the rat passed over
a particular location in a maze, this neuron would fire (or increase it's
firing rate).

Unfortunately I didn't note the name of researcher, and I'm not even sure
of the name of the TV program.  I think it was Discover or a National
Geographic Special.

Also, unfortunately, I haven't had much luck in finding a citation.

If anyone is familiar with the experiment I described, I sure would
appreciate it if you could supply me with a reference.

Ken Easlon
ken at holonet.net

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