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Nicholas L Cassimatis nlcassim at athena.mit.edu
Sun Jan 17 03:10:10 EST 1993

In article <1993Jan17.024546.2658 at news.yale.edu> YHADEISH at biomed.med.yale.edu (Yukiharu Hadeishi) writes:
>In some recent post, ken at iat.holonet.net (Ken Easlon) wrote:
>> A few months ago I saw a TV science program about the brain which had a
>> brief scene describing an experiment where an electrode was implanted in a
>> single neuron in the hippocampus of a rat.  Every time the rat passed over
>> a particular location in a maze, this neuron would fire (or increase it's
>> firing rate).
>> Unfortunately I didn't note the name of researcher, and I'm not even sure
>> of the name of the TV program.plI think it was Discover or a National
>> Geographic Special.
>> Also, unfortunately, I have been unable to find any citations on the subject.
>I also don't know where this has been published either, but I do think I know
>who did the research.  If I'm not mistaken, it was Pat Sharp, or somebody in
>her lab.  You might try searching for a paper by O'Keefe on "place cells in the
>hippocampus", I think you might be able to find a review paper or something.kO

While I don't know who did the reserach referred to, Eichenbaum has a
paper in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience issue that focussed on
memory.  (All I remember of the date is that it is a 1992 issue.)  In
that paper he has a discussion on place cells in the hippocampus of
rats that includes references.


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