basic info on endorpins wanted

Patrick Hurh HURH at FNAL.FNAL.GOV
Mon Jan 18 21:44:03 EST 1993

Hope this isn't too stupid (or broad) of a question, but I'd like to find
some basic info on endorphin (or enkephalin) production and effects (proven
or deduced) on behavior.  I'm looking for a basic book or two that can
explain what has so far proven to be a confusing subject.

I'm a mechanical engineer so my neuroscience reading level is quite low,
but I'd be willing to sift through technical jargon to find out more.  I'm
mainly interested in these endogenous (sp?) opiates because I want to
incorporate them as plot devices in several short sci-fi stories I'm trying
to write.  I'm _not_ trying to write a treatsie or a layman's term article.
 I want the real stuff so I can extrapolate the info into a believable (for
the average reader) future.

In particular:

1)  Where are the endorphin/enkephalin precursors produced (primarily)? 
Are they ever produced in glands which are not endogenous?  Does the blood
brain barrier block/filter the flow of endorphins from the blood system to
the brain?

2)  What would result from the direct introduction of endorphins or
endorphin precursors (I'm thinking of beta-lipotropin) into the
hippocampus? into the hypothallmus (SP?) ?

3)  Are endorphins/enkephalins readily syntesized?  IF not, why not?

4)  Am I even _referring_ to the proper neurotransmitter chemicals?

I don't expect any specific answers from netters but would appreciate any
references which may be available.  I've tried using WAIStation to search
for papers but I can't seem to find the right source file to search (any

PS Even if no-one responds on this subject could one or two people E-Mail
me that they saw this here?  I've started using a new newsreader and want
to make sure the distribution is set up correctly.

Thanks in advance,       Patrick                 HURH at FNAL.FNAL.GOV

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