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N K MacLeod eoph08 at castle.ed.ac.uk
Tue Jan 19 12:10:31 EST 1993


I'm looking for an experienced post-doc electrophysiologist to start
work as early as March if possible.  The project is based in Edinburgh,
Scotland and is funded for three years by the british AFRC.  The funding
is for an electrophysiological investigation into scrapie infection in
mice.  Specifically the idea is to record from hippocampal and thalamic
neurones following innoculation with specific scrapie strains and to
monitor the ensuing pathological changes in cell biophysics and
morphology.  The ideal candidate will have experience of intracellular
electrophysiological recording from in vitro preparations, especially
hippocampal slices, be familliar with the collection and analysis of
biophysical data, and intracellular dye injection.

Laboratory facilities are excellent, although the accomodation is a bit
crowded so don't apply if you don't want to muscle in with a small crazy
group in a relatively small space.  Initial salary is 15,500 pounds and
I can't offer any help with travel expenses over here.

Please email or fax your cv if interested.

Nikki MacLeod

fax: (0)31-650-6527
email: nikki at uk.ac.ed

Dr Nicola MacLeod
Department of Physiology
University Medical School
Teviot Place

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