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>Subject: basic info on endorpins wanted
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>Hope this isn't too stupid (or broad) of a question, but I'd like to find
>some basic info on endorphin (or enkephalin) production and effects (proven
>or deduced) on behavior.  I'm looking for a basic book or two that can
>explain what has so far proven to be a confusing subject.
>I'm a mechanical engineer so my neuroscience reading level is quite low,
>but I'd be willing to sift through technical jargon to find out more.  I'm
>mainly interested in these endogenous (sp?) opiates because I want to
>incorporate them as plot devices in several short sci-fi stories I'm trying
>to write.  I'm _not_ trying to write a treatsie or a layman's term article.
> I want the real stuff so I can extrapolate the info into a believable (for
>the average reader) future.
>In particular:
>1)  Where are the endorphin/enkephalin precursors produced (primarily)? 
>Are they ever produced in glands which are not endogenous?  Does the blood
>brain barrier block/filter the flow of endorphins from the blood system to
>the brain?
>2)  What would result from the direct introduction of endorphins or
>endorphin precursors (I'm thinking of beta-lipotropin) into the
>hippocampus? into the hypothallmus (SP?) ?
>3)  Are endorphins/enkephalins readily syntesized?  IF not, why not?
>4)  Am I even _referring_ to the proper neurotransmitter chemicals?
>I don't expect any specific answers from netters but would appreciate any
>references which may be available.  I've tried using WAIStation to search
>for papers but I can't seem to find the right source file to search (any
>PS Even if no-one responds on this subject could one or two people E-Mail
>me that they saw this here?  I've started using a new newsreader and want
>to make sure the distribution is set up correctly.
>Thanks in advance,       Patrick                 HURH at FNAL.FNAL.GOV

Try some of these references....Doug Knowles....

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