SNNS simulator

Shiv Shiv
Thu Jan 21 11:06:58 EST 1993

I have obtained the SNNS (Stuttgart Neural Net Simulator) from 
Stuttgart University via anon ftp and compiled it on an IBM RS6000
workstation.  The last bit of installation fails with the complaint that
the 'xgui' file (the one that starts the system!) cannot be found.

The manual says it should be in the relevant directory, in this case,
xgui/bin/RS6000, but its empty.  

Any help is gratefully appreciated.  Please mail directly.

Best regards,

Shiv Kaul    
Department of Physiology       : Tel: (071) 387 7050 x3248 : 
University College London      : Fax: (071) 383 7005       :  
Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT  : Email: s.kaul at ucl.ac.uk   :    

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