Request for Human Computational Models

Daniel Brown dbrown at newssun.med.miami.edu
Fri Jan 22 09:14:40 EST 1993

Previously there was a request for information about human computational
models.  I tried to respond to the poster, but my mailer couldn't find his
address.  Here's the reply, slightly condensed:

There are many neural net human, computational models, particularly in 
the study of vision.  Because I'm not sure what kind of model you're
interested in (derived from empirical data, functional equivalency, etc.)
I won't list any articles.  However, a good overview of the use of NN
models of the human brain can be found in

	Patricia Churchland and Terrence Sejnowski, 
	_THE_COMPUTATIONAL_BRAIN_, (Cambridge: MIT Press, 1992).

For articles about neurocomputational models, look in




and I think that there's a new one called


Look for articles by

	Zipser, Sereno, Sejnowski, Lynch, Granger, Poggio, Hinton,
	Cohen, Grossberg, Carpenter, McNaughton, etc.

These authors have written about anything from hippocampal STM to
hyperacuity in vision.

Hope that helps!


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