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>>I'm looking for a good reference on the functions and dynamics of neural
>>Harry Erwin
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>(MIT Press 1979) is a good summary.  Shaw, Harth and Scheibel in
>Experimental Neurology 77:324-358 (1982) is a good theoretical take on the
>    William H. Calvin   WCalvin at U.Washington.edu

Hi Harry,

  Dr. Calvin's suggestion by Vernon Mountcastle is your best bet (Mouncastle
is one of the originators of the idea).  FYI, the same chapter is contained
in a book titled "The Mindful Brain: Cortical Organization and the Group-
Selective Theory of Higher Brain Function," by Gerald Edelman and Vernon
Mountcastle (1978) MIT press.

  Also what you are refering to as neural columns are more commonly refered to
as "cortical columns."  And it is good to keep in mind that cortical columns
are an idea that may have positive heuristic value but may or may not
actually exist.


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