Questions about methylphenidate (Ritalin)

Anthony Ankrom aankrom at nyx.cs.du.edu
Sat Jan 23 15:23:01 EST 1993

In article <1jqqqkINNprd at overload.lbl.gov> herzog at ux5.lbl.gov (Hanan Herz
g) writes:
>	What are the effects of Ritalin on the central nervous system
>(technically, speaking)? What makes it a stimulant (i.e. how does it
>increase vigilance)? What are the long term effects of its use?
>Finally, what are its side-effects (command and rare)?
>Please reply by e-mail or e-mail me a copy of your post.

 Ritalin is more like cocaine in its action than an amphetamine. It has
been shown to be a dopamine uptake inhibitor of similar potency to cocaine.
 I'm not sure of the side effects, but they can be found in a PDR.

St. Anthony

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