MACs for psychophysics

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> I am posting this for a friend.  I have no idea of the proper group in which
> to post this article. 
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> Our laboratory is interested using a Mac to display simple and complex 
> images as stimuli in human psychophysical experimentation.  We would need 
> control of the timing and need synch pulses to control auxiliary equipment. 
>  Is anyone aware of commercial hardware/software packages to do this?  
> Please respond directly to duffyfr at a1.tch.harvard.edu.  Thank you.
> Frank H. Duffy

Not sure if this would work for your app, but a project I design for uses
LabView to display and analyze synchrotron light (from protons ie ultra
violet) plus send pulses to stepper motors and the like.  It is a very
flexible package which you program yourself to interact through NuBus
boards to your various pieces of equipment.
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