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Yukiharu Hadeishi YHADEISH at biomed.med.yale.edu
Wed Jan 27 00:01:00 EST 1993

Okay, now that nitric oxide has finally made the cover of several national
magazines--- what's this I hear about carbon monoxide?  Sorry if I've been a
bit myopic, but I just heard about the existence of a carbon monoxide synthase
that's located in hippocampal pyramidal cells among other places.  Moreover, I
understand that carbon monoxide blocks LTP in slices.  Is this true?  Can
anybody give me a citation on this stuff?  I scanned through our miniMedline
and found no mention of any article yet.  I checked under Solomon Snyder,
Charles Stevens, and Ajay Verma.

Can anyone help me out with this?  A free smilie to the first person to get me
the correct citation!  ;-)  I think Stevens did the slice experiments.  Thanks
to all in advance!

  -- yh.

P.S.  Apologies to all those who might be infuriated by requests such as this
  one, but I think pretty much everybody is interested by this new class of

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