glitches compiling SNNS on RS6000

Shiv Shiv
Thu Jan 28 12:29:24 EST 1993

mitchm at casbah.acns.nwu.edu (Mitchell Maltenfort) writes:

>	I've FTP'd and unarchived the Stuttgart NN simulator successfully, but
>I keep having an error compiling the xgui interface: compiling funcdispl.c, it
>told me that "printf" cannot be redeclared.  Now the RS6000 has some odd ways
>of doing things, so I expect there's a simple, fixable bug.  Could someone
>please tell me what it is?  Thanks.


This isn't the simple way, this is the cheap dirty way, but it seems to
work.  If Michael Vogt of Stuttgart reads this, please comment if you
think this shortcut causes problems.

Go to the xgui/sources directory.

type 'make list'


type 'make xgui'

I think that will produce the xgui file in the right place (for us, the
RS6000 directory).  Then I think I typed 'make install' to do some final
copying and you can then link the xgui file to 'snns' in the SNNSv2.1 

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