simulating GABA-B autoreceptor regulations...

Tobias Fabio Christen tchriste at iiic.ethz.ch
Fri Jan 29 05:46:51 EST 1993

In the Pharma Research Lab of Ciba Geigy Ltd, Basel Switzerland, we are
currently working on Simulations of GABA-B autoreceptors, using the  
simulation tool "I think" for macintosh computers. We are still enhancing
the modell but so far we'got considerable success in getting qualitatively
correct fractional release curves. The in vitro measurements that build 
that basis for this simulation work were published in:
Pharmacology Communications, 1992, Vol. 2 Nos 1-2, pp. 4-7
So if anybody of you readers has done some simulations either on GABA
neurons or on autoreceptors in general I would be very eager to exchange 

Tobias  Christen
PH 2.2121
K 125.14.57
Ciba Geigy Ltd.
4002 Basel

or tchriste at iiic.ethz.ch


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