U29242 at uicvm.uic.edu U29242 at uicvm.uic.edu
Sat Jan 30 05:53:44 EST 1993

Recently, I have been given an inordinate amount of material concerning
c-fos and fos.  Most specifically, c-fos immunoreactivity and the
consequential ability to either assess anatomical landmarks or general
level of transcrption.
Unfoortunately, I am unaware of what purpose fos serves in the cell.
What is the presence, increased or decreased, indicative of?  I don't
mean an increase/decreas in transcription but what does the cell use fos
for?  I heard a small intro onto some proposed ideas but I didn't walk
away feeling comfortable.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My Thanks in Advance
Ray Hulse
u29242 at uicvm.uic.edu

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