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>It's really not as great as the movies make it out to be.  It's not as though
>you are injected and immdiatley answer all questions that you are asked.
>Some suggest that if you had no intention of anwering specific questions before
>you were injected, you wont answer them after injection.  Besides, many people
>tend to make stuff up and babble on about junk after they are injected.
>                                                          Barry
IF you've ever hung out in the recovery room after short procedures with
pentobarb, you hear some hilarious stuff sometimes from people comming
out of anesthesia. America's Funniest People would love the film if you
could get past the ethical dilemmas. As far as truth is concerned, most
people only tell the truth as they percieve the truth. This is always
a problem, even when people are awake.
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