Virtual Music Workshop in London

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Sat Jun 5 18:56:31 EST 1993

                      S Y M B O L I C   C O M P O S E R
                           VIRTUAL MUSIC WORKSHOP
                           CITY UNIVERSITY LONDON
The First Virtual Music Workshop for Symbolic Composer Users will be held
at City University during July in London. Proceedings from this workshop
will be available on disk to all S-COM users worldwide. 
Symbolic Composer v2.2 implements the 6th Generation Common Music Language
for the Macintosh and Atari. The language consists of 150 general purpose
high-level commands that cover morphing, chord generation, user definable
styles and libraries.
Symbolic Composer is targeted for composers who are familiar with the
limitations of MIDI sequencers and scorewriters, which focus on playing,
recording, editing and presentation. Solutions such as MAX and Interactor
already provide excellent support for performance but are unsuitable for
composers creating large-scale multi-instrumental scores.
Symbolic Composer collects together in one environment all the standard
tools for designing and orginating music enabling pre-composition schemes
and processes to be realised effectively as MIDI data, something few
sequencers can begin to deal with.
Symbolic Composer gives the composer 150 tools that are effective on any
music, in any musical situation. With these tools composers can take
control over every individual element and parameter applying advanced
generation and processing techniques and algorithms. The final product is
saved as industry standard MIDI file. Symbolic Composer is therefore the
perfect partner on the Mac for Finale, MOTU Performer, Mosaic, Vision,
Encore, Cubase, Mastertracks, Beyond and Notator Logic. On the Atari Symbolic
Composer integrates with the Multi-Program Environment (MPE) of Dr.T's KCS
and can reside with Cubase under the Switcher utility.
Symbolic Composer has already attracted composers working in major commercial
studio projects, experimental art music, and artifical intelligence research.
It offers many unique advantages:
o Simulation of real musicians through fractal generation and humanization
  makes a significant contribution to the economics of studio projects.
o Achieve a significant profile amongst the market competition by realising
  more advanced projects, decreasing development time, and making more 
  effective use, and reuse, of original design concepts and strategies.
o Symbolic Composer's unique and extendable Library Manager gives access to
  many new resources for composition, from hardcore beats to Indian
  Decitalas, to Slonimsky's Thesaurus of Scales and Musical Patterns to the
  patterns of Balinese gamelan.
o For Techno, Dance and New-Age composers Symbolic Composer gives access to
  binary rhythmics, morphing, fractal patterns, high-level data, and complex
  information bursts.
Symbolic Composer is the result of a design partnership between A.I
scientists, composers and music educators. It is visually oriented and
interactive to use. It has probably the most carefully thought out and
effective Tutorial Pathway, interactive Hypercard Guide and Music
Supplement Support of any music software currently available today.
Symbolic Composer accesses the chords, scales and composition routines of
the western musical tradition. But, there is in addition an extensive
library of powerful algorithms like the Lindenmayer System - developed to
model the growth of plants, Brownian Noise - nature's very own randomizer,
the Lorenz Attractor - the chaotic equation behind earth's atmospheric
system and Teichmuller Space, the hottest fractal equation since the
Other built-in algorithms include Neural Networks, Planetary Systems,
Number&Ambient Theory, Fibonacci Series and Fourier Synthesis. Symbolic
Composer also executes standard C and Common Lisp routines within the
environment, which makes expansion and customization a reality.
Symbolic Composer is available through selected channels in Europe. In the
UK, Symbolic Composer is distributed exclusively by Mac software
specialists Capedia (0727 869791). The user base is rapidly growing and the
package has recently been acquired by IRCAM. Symbolic Composer will feature
strongly at the Music Workshop held during the Edinburgh conference in
Artificial Intelligence and Education, August 1993. For further
information, please contact:
Nigel Morgan
Tonality Systems UK 
tel +44-924-383 017 fax +44-924-291 008
18 Park Avenue, Denby Dale Road, Wakefield, 
West Yorkshire, WF2 8DS, UK
email 100024.1636 at CompuServe.com
Peter Stone
Tonality Systems Amsterdam 
European Distribution
tel&fax +31-20-6757 993 
email psto at xs4all.hacktic.nl
UK #350, GERMANY 950 DM, FRANCE 2950 Ffr, ITALY 795000 Lire 
SHIPPING Add #5, 12 DM, 40 Ffr, 12000 Lire
Allow 3 days of delivery. 1 day TNT Express shipping available on request.
Symbolic Composer was first introduced in London Virtual Reality Show 92 by
the UK Virtual Reality User Group. Demonstration music consisted of recursive
AIDS RNA mappings and 10-dimensional superstrings.

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